Flux Spark

Flux Spark - During the first few months of business, Flux Spark didn't have a website due to the amount of client work that piled up. Once the workload dropped off, all effort was focused onto getting a website online to sell our services and showcase our work. Many drafts and prototypes later, the website was finished with a fresh and clean look. WebCMS was also bolted onto the site for the easy management of content.


North West Domestic Gas Services

North West Domestic Gas Services - A new gas services business had just been established and was in need of a website to advertise their services on the internet. The website was finished on-time and utilised the latest on-site SEO optimisation techniques. JavaScript was implemented for the fading testimonials and for the gallery section.


Cheshire Residential

Cheshire Residential Lettings Ltd - Cheshire Residential needed a new website that matched their new brand. The look and feel of the website was closely monitored during the design process with the client very happy with the end result. Google analytics and a local business page was also created for the website.


Beacon Financial Training Ltd

Beacon Financial Training Ltd - BFT's old website was very outdated and needed an overhaul to make it look more professional and up-to-date. A lot of new features were added to the site from callback request forms to scrolling slideshows. WebCMS was also installed so the owner could manage the content 24/7. Additional modules for course management and a blog was also added to the website through the WebCMS system.

First Page Risk Free

First Page Risk Free - A new SEO marketing firm was forming and required a web presence to advertise their services. A lot of planning went into the design and deployment of the website with Flux Spark working closely with their client who were based in San Diego, USA. Depite the distance, the website was finished to client requirements and on-time. The website was also integrated with the WordPress system so the client could edit their own content.


WebCMS - A recent influx of content management requests resulted in Flux Spark developing their own CMS. Deploying 3rd party CMS products gradually became a hassle as most clients found them hard to use. WebCMS on the other hand, was designed to be as easy as possible whilst still remaining a powerful CMS. Recent feedback from users now using WebCMS has been positive. Get in touch for access to a live demo!


K9 Box Transit Systems

K9 Box Transit Systems - K9Box needed a website to showcase their bespoke and tailored work. To showcase their work effectively from a customer and admin view, a gallery module was developed and bolted onto WebCMS. This meant K9Box could create their own gallery categories and upload their pictures 24/7.